To detect and address risks and irregularities in our operations, PayEx has established an internal alert (whistleblowing) process. Read about how to report potential risks and irregularities.

Our operations and behaviour shall always be characterised by our values: open, simple and caring. All our operations at PayEx shall be characterised by a high ethical standard, where we evaluate every business transaction, relationship and activity based on our ethical norms and approach.

It is important that risks and irregularities are detected and addressed. An internal alert (whistleblowing) process has been established for the Group, where our employees and other stakeholders can openly or anonymously report potential or actual irregularities or failures to comply with external and internal rules or regulations. This includes irregularities and failures with regard to sustainability (including human rights and environmental issues).

What can be reported?

If you suspect any risks, irregularities or similar within PayEx it´s important that this is being reported through our internal alert (whistleblowing) process. You don't have to have any proof to report your suspicion, but all messages should be reported in good faith.

Customer complaints or issues related to personal dispute should not be reported through our whistleblowing process.

Read more about Customer Complaint here.

Report an internal alert (whistleblowing)

You may report anonymously but we encourage you to report openly by providing your own name and contact details, as all reports are handled with strict confidentiality. All reports and messages received will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Raise your concern by selecting the link below:

Click here to start the reporting

If your report concerns our Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Risk Officer, CEO or any other member of our top executives please send your report to the Head of Group Internal Audit and select the link below:

Click here to start the reporting

PayEx undertakes not to investigate your identity. Reporting of potential or actual irregularities will not affect your terms of employment or lead to any personal disadvantages as a result.

Report externally

We encourage you to report directly to our internal reporting channel, but you can also report externally to authorities. In Sweden you can report suspected breaches of the rules on the financial markets to the Swedish Financial Supervision Authority and breaches of personal data to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection.

Swedish Financial Supervision Authority

Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection